lunes, 16 de mayo de 2011

what I eat

Carvel cake

Pamela Abad

Este blog basicamente describe mi vida en imagenes, no escribo mucho pero lo intentare cuando sea necesario, llevo mi camara a todos lados y documento todo lo que hago, me gusta mucho viajar, comer, oir musica, ver peliculas, harry potter, ♥Jeff Buckley♥, james franco, james dean, geoffrey rush, el perfume, los beatles, los animales, el frio, dormir, etc etc etc 

Capturing my life in images, using analogue cameras, shooting everything that's interesting to my eyes.
I love loading and unloading film, waiting for it to develop, the expectation, the end result, light leaks, film defects and surprises.  
I'm inspired by little things and I love photography, eating, cooking, music, movies, parties, ice-creams, fireworks, Jeff Buckley, the Beatles, Bob Dylan, Peter Sellers and things I can't put here will be seen in my carvel cake.